Our story

BALSAC is very active non-profit organisation for scuba divers over the age of 18. BALSAC is not affiliated to any commercial diving organisation and there are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES.

My name is Paul Simpson. I’m a scuba diving fanatic, and whilst on a diving holiday weekend in Plymouth Summer 2001, with a group of like minded friends. It was that weekend, which the idea of our new club first sprang to life.

It was after we had been badly let down with our initial pre-booked booking, of the above said holiday. The whole group got together and decided to go ahead anyway. We had no accommodation and no dive boat. It was a bit of a wing and a pray “mission”.

The “mission” ended up a raging success, with great accommodation and excellent diving, a great time was had by all, and at a fraction of the original cost.

So the club slowly started from that weekend, with the help of many dedicated like minded dive “nuts”!.

The great thing about this “club” is that it is non-profit making, no fees, anyone can join, there are no politics and no set committee. We meet once a month at the Red Lion, Stone Edge, Chesterfield.

We have a great social time, chatting arranging dive trips, holidays and outings, guest speakers and dive retailers, with special deals. Great food too, if anyone is hungry, and family with kids are always welcome too.

As for the club name “B A L S A C”. We picked it as a little joke, after several pints of Plymouths local brew. The name seems to have stuck.

Brimington And Locality Sub Aqua Club

Paul Simpson, 2nd October 2002